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Academic Difficulty

Academic Status Definitions

Academic Probation
Students will be placed on "Academic Probation" if, at the end of any quarter, their cumulative GPA or GPA for the term is less than 2.00 but greater than 1.50. Students who were placed on Academic Probation in the previous quarter will remain on Academic Probation for one additional quarter if their cumulative GPA, computed on the total of all courses undertaken at the University, remains less than 2.00 ("C" average). This will be true even if the quarterly GPA is above 2.00. However, if the quarterly GPA is below 1.50 the student will be on "Subject To Dismissal" (STD).

Good Standing
To remain in "Good Standing" academically, a student must maintain a cumulative and quarter grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 ("C" average) in all work taken at the University and make progress toward the bachelor's degree at a satisfactory rate.

Subject to Dismissal
Students will be "Subject to Dismissal" if (a) their grade point average is less than 1.50 for any one quarter, or (b) after two quarters on Academic Probation or a single quarter on STD, their cumulative GPA, computed on all courses taken at the University, is less than 2.00 ("C" average).

How to Calculate Your GPA

If you would like to know how your GPA is calculated, please go to: http://chassstudentaffairs.ucr.edu/academic_standing/gpa.html

Want to know what grades you need to earn to get a specific GPA? Please click on the GPA Calculator below:



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