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Graduation Application

If you have been away from campus for one or more quarters, you must submit a readmission form prior to submitting a graduation application. You can download a readmission form at http://chassstudentaffairs.ucr.edu/readmission/index.html.

A Graduation Application must be submitted in order to initiate graduation clearance for your bachelor’s degree. The deadlines are posted in the UCR on-line Schedule of Classes at http://www.classes.ucr.edu/campus/graduation.htm . The application must be filed for the term in which all degree requirements will be completed. You must submit a Graduation Application even if you do not want to participate in the June Commencement ceremony. Failure to apply for graduation on time will result in a delay
of graduation to the following quarter.

You should review your Degree Check on GROWL each quarter and meet with your academic advisor at least two quarters prior to your expected graduation quarter. Report discrepancies to your academic advisor, make sure appropriate petitions are filed, and transferable transcripts are received at the Office of Undergraduate Admission before the deadlines posted at http://www.classes.ucr.edu/campus/graduation.htm.

Failure to complete all major, minor (if applicable), and college requirements, missing grades (GD, NR), incomplete grades (I, IP), or transferable transcripts not received at Undergraduate Admission Office by the end of your graduation quarter will result in a “Denied” application and another one for a subsequent quarter must be submitted.


The application is located at http://chassstudentaffairs.ucr.edu/graduation_ceremony_info/index.html. The commencement is held once yearly at the end of the academic year in June. Students completing requirements Fall, Winter, and Spring are automatically eligible to attend the June Commencement. Check out the official UCR Commencement web site at http://www.commencement.ucr.edu/ for important deadlines. Contact your academic adviser for additional information about degree requirements or eligibility for commencement if degree requirements will be completed during Summer Session.

If you have any questions regarding your graduation and/or commencement, please contact your major advisor.  You can find your major advisor’s contact information here:  http://chassstudentaffairs.ucr.edu/dept/index.html