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Student Guide: Welcome

Welcome to the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences!Steven Brint

Welcome to the next step in your education!
Four years from now you’ll be smarter, wiser, more mature, more open to new experiences, and more open to diversity and difference. You’ll be well prepared to take on life’s challenges and take advantage of life’s opportunities.

For now you should focus on the transition from high school to college. This guide contains lots of useful information to help you interact with your academic advisor, access university resources, set out a short-term study plan, and become a successful college student at UCR.

In addition to the excellent advice offered in this guide, I would like to offer some general advice:

  • Be Passionate! Find the courses, subjects, and activities you care about and passionately pursue them. Find something you love.
  • Work Hard! True success requires devoted and effective studying. Strive for excellence.
  • Reflect! Find quiet places to reflect on what you are learning and how you are changing.
  • Build Connections! Seek out connections and relationships that make you a better student, and that more importantly make you a better person.
  • Get Help! Enlist the support of your professors, instructors, teaching assistants, advisors, peer mentors, and everyone else at the University who is here to help.

These are the ingredients for success in CHASS.

Congratulations on being admitted to the University of California, Riverside, and best of luck in
your next four years.

Peter Graham
Associate Dean of Student Academic Affairs