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Undeclared Program: Steps to Choosing a Major

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Now that you have assessed your interests, skills/abilities, and values, explored possible majors and associated career options, the next step is to further narrow your focus down to two or three majors you are seriously considering.

  • Enroll in courses that introduce you to the major(s).
  • Set up appointments to interview departmental faculty and academic advisors. Speak to current students in the major.
  • Review the criteria to declare each of your possible majors.
  • Complete a Degree Check through GROWL using the “what if” function to determine how the courses you have already taken will fit into the majors you are considering.
  • Meet with an Undeclared Program Academic Advisor who can partner with you to evaluate the information you have collected, assist you in weighing the pros and cons of each option and clarify questions.
  • Be sure the major(s) you are considering fit your academic strengths and abilities. This may mean you need to consider an alternative major.
  • Determine if you can address your multiple interests by declaring a major and a minor, a double major or an interdisciplinary major.
  • Make it your goal to successfully transition into your major no later than the end of your sophomore year.