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Undeclared Program: Steps to Choosing a Major

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  • Choosing a major requires your active participation. You must be proactive!
  • Be sure you are aware of the criteria to declare, your progress toward eligibility, and if you will meet the criteria in a timely manner.  All students must declare their major in the quarter in which they obtain 90 units.
  • Choose student activities, internships, volunteer work, and/or part-time employment that can help you further develop your skills in areas that interest you.
  • Talk to people who work in the career fields you are considering. Ask them about their major and how it helped them.
  • Consider possible internships and Career Center workshops
  • Once you are admitted to your major, your academic advisor is now your departmental academic advisor.  Be sure to get acquainted and continue to discuss your goals and career objectives with your departmental academic advisor.