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Appointments and Walk-In Advising are for current Pre-Business and CHASS Undeclared students only. If you are a non-CHASS student, please call (951)827-3683 to make an appointment.

If you're a current Pre-Business and CHASS Undeclared student, please go here: http://chassstudentaffairs.ucr.edu/advising/

Please see the calendar below to view our front desk's availability:

To sync with the CHASS Academic Calendar on your Smart Phone or Computer scroll down for directions: 

To add to your iPhone or iPad:

OR go to: 

To add to your Android Phone:

OR go to: 

If you use Google Calendar:

  • Add the CHASS Academic Calendar by going to "Other Calendars" in left hand column of your calendar, and paste this calendar address in the box: jp376gbbq1o33gpd4fiopmkjto@group.calendar.google.com
  • Then you can view the calendar simultaneously with your own calendar. It won't add each event though, just let you view in parallel
  • You can add individual important CHASS Academic Calendar events to your calendar by clicking once on the event and then click on "copy to my calendar"
  • This *should* add the calendar to your mobile phone/iPad/Tablet too if you've added Google Calendar to your mobile device as default calendar

If you use Windows 7 and current version of Outlook:

If you use current version of Outlook:

If you use Outlook 2007:

  • In Outlook Calendar, go to Account Settings
  • Internet Calendars tab
  • Click on "New"
  • Cut and paste this iCal address: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/jp376gbbq1o33gpd4fiopmkjto%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics
  • Click "Add"
  • Go to Subscriptions screen
  • Give the calendar a name and description and click OK
  • You can now see the CHASS Academic Calendar in the list in the Outlook sidebar
  • You will see it side by side with your calendar
  • If you want to have them on the same calendar you may need to upgrade to latest version of Outlook, or switch to Google Calendar

If you use iCal (default Apple Calendar):


To view this calendar larger via any web browser: