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Petitions & Forms

Petitions & Forms

Petitions are formal requests by students. Petitions are needed to add or drop classes after week two, change a major, declare a minor, graduate, or withdraw from UCR. Common examples are listed below. Be sure that you understand which signatures are required and where to submit the completed petition. A fee is required for some petitions.

Some petitions are available for downloading. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files in PDF format. You can download the latest version of Acrobat for free at Adobe's website.

  Type of Petition Where to Obtain Forms Where to File Petitions
Instructions Blue Petition Form


Exceed 216 units maximum for graduation

Waive Senior Residency Requirement

Repeat course a second time

Credit by Examination

Time Extension for Removal of Incomplete

Revert "F" or "NC" to Incomplete

Student Academic Affairs Office, Registrar, Department

Student Academic Affairs Office

Instructions Pink Petition Form
  Supplement for Late or Retroactive Changes
Student Academic Affairs Office, Department Student Academic Affairs Office
Instructions Green Petition Form
  Concurrent Enrollment Student Academic Affairs Office, Undergraduate Admissions (official transcript sent to Admissions) Student Academic Affairs Office
Instructions Yellow Petition Form
  Modify or subsitute a College or University graduation Requirement Student Academic Affairs Office, Major Department Student Academic Affairs Office
Instructions Double Major Form Student Academic Affairs Office, Major Department Student Academic Affairs Office
Instructions Request to Declare/Drop a Minor Student Academic Affairs Office, Major Department Student Academic Affairs Office
Instructions Petition to Appeal Academic Dismissal Student Academic Affairs Office, Major Department Student Academic Affairs Office
Instructions Enrollment Adjustment Form Online via MyForms Online via MyForms
Change a course from letter grade to S/NC; or from S/NC to a letter grade Student Academic Affairs Office, Registrar, Department Registrar's Office
Change of Major Petition Student Academic Affairs Office, Registrar, Major department Student Academic Affairs Office
Withdrawal from the University Online via MyForms Online via MyForms
Application for Graduation Online Online
Readmission Application Registrar's Office Registrar's Office
Part-time Status Fee Waiver Online via MyForms Online via MyForms
In-Progress Degree Certification Letter (See request form for eligibility details) Student Academic Affairs Office Student Academic Affairs Office

Petition to Participate in Commencement (for students graduating in Summer who are not pre-authorized to participate)

Student Academic Affairs Office Student Academic Affairs Office
Leave of Absence Application (PELP/PULP) Student Academic Affairs Office, Registrar's Office Registrar's Office
Obtain credit for summer coursework at another institution Undergraduate Admissions (official transcript sent to Admissions) Undergraduate Admissions (no petition necessary)

Study Skills Assessment - CHASS Winter 2003 probation workshop

Withdrawal from UCR

Unforeseen circumstances may require you to withdraw from UCR. There is no academic penalty as long as you complete the withdrawal process by the last day of instruction. Refer to the Schedule of Classes for information on refunds.

To withdraw, obtain a Withdrawal Petition from the Student Academic Affairs Office. This petition requires various signatures. If you are concerned about whether you should withdraw, consult an advisor in your department.

If you must leave campus because of a personal emergency and you cannot fill-out the petition for withdrawal in person, please contact the Student Academic Affairs Office by email or telephone for assistance.

Leave Programs

PELP: If you need a leave from school (up to one year) and know when you will return, you can apply for the Planned Educational Leave Program. The Registrar will have your registration appointment ready for you when you return. For further information contact your Academic Advisor.

PULP: The University of California Planned University Leave Program enables qualified UC students to earn UC credit towards graduation at other institutions. The maximum leave time from UCR is one year. For further information, please contact your Academic Advisor.

Lapse of Student Status

Failure to enroll in courses or pay fees by the deadline as listed in the Schedule of Classes will result in lapse of student status. Lapse of student status means loss of all enrolled courses and loss of all student privileges, such as receipt of financial aid awards and student services. Students in lapsed status who seek reinstatement should contact the Office of the Registrar to apply for readmission and determine all applicable fees.

Intercampus Visitor

Undergraduates in good standing may attend classes at another UC campus for one quarter. Applications are available at the Registrar's Office. The application periods are listed below:

  • Fall Quarter: November 1 - April 30
  • Winter Quarter: July 1 - October 31
  • Spring Quarter: October 1 - January 31

After these dates, applications are accepted only if space is available (the form requires signatures from the Associate Dean, to verify good standing, and from the Registrar). A non-refundable fee is charged for all visitor applications filed.

UC Reciprocity

Students who transfer from one UC campus to another and who have completed the Breadth/General Education (B/GE) requirements of the campus from which they have transferred (except for upper-division B/GE requirements) will be considered to have met the B/GE requirements of the campus to which they transfer.

To request a Letter of Reciprocity be sent to your new campus informing them that you have completed your breadth requirements, please fill out a Request for Letter of Reciprocity and turn it in to the Student Academic Affairs Office. Please be advised that a letter will only be sent if you have completed ALL breadth requirements (including English composition and foreign language). We will not write "partial" letters of reciprocity or "statement of breadth" letters.



New Students who have cleared all provisions of admission and paid the $100 Statement of Intent to Register fee receive their registration information and a Schedule of Classes in the mail.

Placement Exams--

Freshmen: Do not miss the testing deadlines for mathematics, English and foreign languages. To receive credit for your courses, enroll in the classes based on your test results. (Check the Schedule of Classes for test dates.)

Transfer students: Check with your advisor.

All Students: Course registration is available via R'Web. Enrollment procedures are in the Schedule of Classes.

Students who miss their appointment times for registration, may access R'Web anytime during the enrollment period after their scheduled appointment time or during the make-up dates. (Consult the Schedule of Classes for make-up dates).

Remember: "Holds" are blocks from registration. You must clear any holds against registration (financial, academic, and admissions) before you may enroll in classes.

The Schedule of Classes for each quarter provides detailed instructions concerning registration and enrollment. Read it carefully and adhere to the deadline dates listed in the Calendar section.

Recommended Course Load

We strongly recommend that freshmen enroll in only three courses (12 units) the first quarter in order to adjust to UCR and to get used to the pace of the quarter system. However, freshmen who wish to complete a bachelor's degree within 4 years are reminded that the average of 45 or more units must be completed each year to meet the four-year graduation goal (approximately 16 units per quarter).

To be considered full-time, students must enroll in a minimum of 12 units. Most courses at UCR carry 4 units of credit.

Part-Time Status

Students who need to attend part-time, due to work schedules, family responsibilities or health problems, must obtain approval from the Associate Dean.

Undergraduate students whose enrollment for the term is approved by the dean of their college for 10 or fewer quarter units of academic credit shall pay the full University Registration fee and one-half the applicable Educational fee. Students may petition for part-time fee waivers up to the 15th day of instruction. Students should be aware that the Office of the Registrar does not process part-time fee waivers until their enrollment is reduced to 10 units or fewer. Reduction of units to 10 units or fewer after the 15th day of instruction does not reduce the Educational fee. Petitions may be submitted online via MyForms.

Changes in Class Schedules

During the first two weeks of each quarter, changes to your course schedule are done through R'Web. After the second week of instruction, an Enrollment/Adjustment form is needed and obtained from the Registrar or the CHASS Student Academic Affairs Office. Obtain all required signatures on the Enrollment/Adjustment form and return it to the Registrar's Office counter by the deadline listed in the Calendar of the Schedule of Classes.

Deadline Dates

Add End of third week of classes, by noon
Drop End of sixth week of classes, by noon (after third week of instruction a "W" notation will appear on the transcript)
Grading Basis Change
(Letter grade or S/NC)
End of eighth week of classes, by noon

Non-attendance in classes does not drop you from a course, nor does an instructor telling you that you are dropped. If you are enrolled in a unwanted course, you must drop the course by either dropping the course online during the first week of instruction or filing the Enrollment/Adjustment form with the Registrar or with assistance from your

Note: A grade is assigned for every class you are enrolled in whether or not you attend the class. It is your responsibility to verify your enrollment to insure no errors. You may confirm your course enrollment by using R'Web with your PERMPIN.

Late/Retroactive Course Changes

It is your responsibility to meet deadlines, but extenuating circumstances do exist. If you can document serious illness or an accident, you may petition the Associate Dean for an exception. However, doing poorly in a class is not considered a valid reason to drop a course late or for dropping below the 12-unit minimum enrollment. Simply pleading that you didn’t know about the deadlines will not convince the Associate Dean to make an exception to your petition.

In order to petition for late/retroactive changes, an Enrollment/Adjustment form accompanied by a supplemental petition is necessary with instructor/advisor/student signatures. Documentation substantiating your request (i.e. accident report) must be attached to the petition. Submit all paperwork to your major department. Check back with your major department after 5 working days. If the petition is approved, in order to complete the process, you must submit the Enrollment/Adjustment form to the Registrar's office. There is a $3.00 fee for filing a late Enrollment/Adjustment petition.