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Undeclared Program: Selective Majors

Careful planning and specific course selection is necessary in order to meet the criteria for the selective majors in the College.  For specific information regarding requirements and course descriptions for each major, check the UCR General Catalog.

Selective Majors

The CHASS Selective Majors handout can be found here or below:


By admission only. Requires the submission of an Art Portfolio. Admission is approved or denied by a faculty panel.

Global Studies

Must complete GBST 001 or 002 with a C- or better.

History, History/Administrative Studies, History/Law and Society

Must complete two History courses with a C or better.

Media and Cultural Studies Requirements

Must complete MCS 001 with a C- or better.


See the information on the following link:  http://cnasstudent.ucr.edu/files/NURO-COM.pdf

Psychology, Psychology/Law and Society

Students switching to the Psychology or Psychology/Law and Society must have completed PSYC 001, PSYC 002, and PSYC 011 with grades of C- or better and have been in good academic standing for two quarters or more.
(PSYC 011 prerequisites:  MATH 004 or MATH 005 or MATH 006A with a grade of “C-” or better; PSYC
001 and PSYC 002 with grades of “C-” or better)

Public Policy

Must complete PBPL 1 with a grade of "C-" or better.

Sociology, Sociology/Administrative Studies, Sociology/Law and Society

Students will not be admitted into the major until lower-division requirements are satisfied with a “C-” or better:

SOC 3 (prerequisite:  SOC 1)
SOC 4 (prerequisite:  SOC 1)
SOC 5 (prerequisites:  SOC 1 and SOC 4)
One additional lower-division Sociology course (courses numbered 1-99)

Business Administration (Not a freshman admitting major—freshman admit to Pre-Business Program)

Students must apply to Business Administration by the time 90 units have been completed.  A cumulative GPA of 2.7 is required with a minimum 2.5 GPA in the combined GPA of General Business Prerequisites and lower division Business requirements.  See the Pre-Business section for detailed course information.