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Undeclared Program: Placement Exams

Placement/Advisory Exams: English, Foreign Language, and Math



The University of California Office of the President develops and administers an examination to determine if entering students can read and write at the level expected to satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement.

The Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) is a requirement that all first-year students must satisfy.

It must be satisfied either before beginning courses on a UC campus or during the first year of enrollment. If students have not passed the requirement upon entrance as full-time students, they must satisfy the requirement within three quarters of full-time enrollment.

The Systemwide Analytical Writing Placement Examination is held at various high school campuses in May.


Foreign Language

 The requirement: All students in CHASS must meet the foreign language breadth requirement. For the B.A. degree: course level 4 or equivalent; for the B.S. degree: course level 3 or equivalent.

Who needs to take the placement exam? All students must take the placement exam except those who have foreign language transfer credit or students who plan to meet the requirement with a language in which they have no prior knowledge. Advanced Placement exams do not meet the foreign language requirement.

When to take the placement exam? The basic guideline: Students should take the placement test closest to the time they plan on taking foreign language courses taking into consideration when each level is offered.

View the test schedules and register for a Foreign Language Placement exam.

Things to consider:

  • It is recommended that students begin their foreign language at the beginning of their sophomore year and take the placement test during Spring quarter of their freshman year.
  • Foreign language is the one requirement that most often delays a student's graduation if postponed.
  • Not all levels are offered each quarter. Generally level 1 and 4 are offered in Fall, level 2 in Winter and level 3 in Spring.
  • Students have the opportunity to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam every quarter at UCR.
  • Students who are strongly proficient in a foreign language should take the placement exam as early as possible to attempt to test out of the requirement or place high enough that they only have a quarter left to complete, i.e., level 4.
  • Education Abroad Programs may require foreign language proficiency that must be met for eligibility into the program.
  • If students want to learn a new foreign language and have no previous experience in it, permission from the language department must be obtained prior to enrollment. The pre-requisite for foreign language courses is the placement exam.

Do you have proficiency in a language not offered at UCR?

Please request information from the CHASS Student Academic Affairs Office (3400 HMNSS Bldg.).



The requirement: All students in CHASS must complete one course in either Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science. Therefore, only students whose majors require Math need to take a Math course. Other students may opt to complete this requirement with a computer science or statistics course that has no pre-requisite.

Who needs to take the Math Advisory Exam? All students must take the Math Advisory exam prior to enrolling in any UCR math course except for students who have transfer credit for an equivalent course to MATH5 or MATH9A or have Advanced Placement credit for MATH9A.

When to take the advisory exam? The basic guideline: Students should take the advisory exam closest to the time they plan on taking a Math course.

View the test schedules and register for the Math advisory exam.

CHASS Majors Requiring Math

  • Pre-Business/Business Administration Program
  • Psychology
  • Neuroscience
  • Liberal Studies
  • Economics
  • Economics/Administrative Studies
  • Economics/Law and Society
  • Business Economics
  • Political Science/Administrative Studies
  • Sociology/Administrative Studies
  • History/Administrative Studies
  • Art History/Administrative Studies

Things to consider:

  • Successful completion in Math courses requires adequate preparation.
  • If you score below 25% on the practice test, you will benefit from additional preparation. ( This practice test does not replace the UCR Math Advisory exam.)
  • For additional preparation, enroll in the Highlander Early Start Academy or an intermediate algebra course at the community college courses prior to Fall enrollment. The course offered at the community college may not be transferable but can provide you with the needed preparation for college-level math courses.