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Our Services

The Student Academic Affairs Office of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences advises students in the Undeclared Program and Pre-Business Program. We also advise students who have been dismissed from the University and are seeking readmission to a CHASS major. Additionally, our office houses the Associate Dean for Student Affairs who oversees all student affairs issues for the College.

Specific services include:

  • Providing general information about procedures, requirements, and course credit available.
  • Acting on petitions for declaring/changing a major, credit by examination, student petitions, changes in class schedule, declaration of double majors or minors, withdrawal from UCR, leave of absence, and readmission.
  • Providing information regarding transfer course credits and their equivalencies. The Student Academic Affairs Office determines how the credits apply toward completion of breadth requirements after it has received the transcripts from Admissions and the major department determines how credits apply toward completion of major requirements.
  • The Student Academic Affairs Office reviews the records of all students in the College who apply to graduate and consults with the student's major advisor to ensure all degree requirements have been satisfied. The Student Academic Affairs Office communicates this information to the Registrar for final posting of the degree.

An Advisor's Responsibility

  • Interpret College policies, academic rules, regulations and degree requirements
  • Assistance in developing strategies for academic success and in planning coursework
  • Respect for each student and insurance of confidentiality and discretion in counseling matters.
  • Provide academic support and guidance with accuracy, consistency, and accountability
  • Available to listen and help in the assessment of individual situations, especially those involving academic difficulty.

The Student's Responsibility

  • Keep complete academic records and bring to advising appointments
  • Schedule advising appointments as early as possible during enrollment
  • Review your academic history and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Progress towards selected degree, including conscientious self-assessment of interests, abilities and talents.
  • Take the initiative to review the Catalog and other resources to learn basic academic rules, regulations, and standards of excellence.
  • Use advising services to keep current about college expectations and assessment of your progress.
  • Be aware of student services and campus programs and determine how they best fit your needs.
  • Be accountable and accept the consequences for your own actions.

CHASS Mandatory Attendance Policy

Students who fail to attend during the first and second week of instruction may forfeit their place in the class and have their names removed from the class roster. A student who is removed from a class roster for not meeting attendance requirements will not be allowed to continue in that course and will receive a grade of "F" or "NC" unless the student formally drops or withdraws from the course.  

Unless otherwise indicated in the quarterly Schedule of Classes, students are not automatically dropped from courses for nonattendance and will receive grades in all courses in which they are enrolled, whether they attend or not. Please refer to individual course listings in the class listings for specific information about drops for nonattendance. In most cases, students must drop the class using Growl or file an enrollment adjustment form at the Office of the Registrar to avoid an "F" grade.