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Graduation Application & Commencement Information


Information You Should Know

Your individual degree audit available on R'Web, will give you a comprehensive overview of your graduation status. Review this information carefully and report any necessary corrections immediately to your academic advisor.

You are responsible for knowing all graduation requirements and for completing them by the appropriate deadlines.


The information required to process your degree comes from the application for graduation that you must file to graduate. Examine it carefully - all information is assumed to be correct unless you specify otherwise.

The name on your graduation application must be the same as your official name on file with the Registrar's Office. *If you have had a change of name and your record needs to be updated, forms are available at the Registrar's Office.

To have your minor noted on your record you must:

Have an approved minor petition form on file listing courses used for completion of the minor;

Verify with the minor department that any changes to your original petition have been reported to the Student Academic Affairs Office;

A 2.00 GPA is required in upper-division courses within the field of the minor.

Your degree depends upon the completion of any work in progress. During your quarter of graduation immediately report to your advisor any changes made to your schedule after the third week of instruction.

Incomplete, IE, IP, or GD grades on your transcript will stop the processing of your degree. Be sure to clear these grades before the end of the quarter you are graduating and keep your Academic Advisor aware of your progress.

If coursework is taken at another institution(s) (including work taken at UCR Extension), note the institution, course(s), and term(s) on your application for graduation

Check on senior residency requirements.

For any transfer work taken, have official transcripts sent by the noted deadline in the Schedule of Classes to Undergraduate Admissions, University of California, 3106 Student Services Bldg, Riverside, CA 92521

All coursework, whether taken at UCR or elsewhere, must be completed by the last day of UCR's finals week during the quarter of graduation (no GDs or Incomplete grades).

Your overall and upper-division major grade-point average must be at least 2.0. (NOTE: If you are repeating any course in which you received a "D" grade, your units toward graduation will need to be recalculated.)

You must have a minimum of 180 units, including a minimum of 36 upper division units in your major for the B.A. degree. The B.S. degree requires a minimum of 40 upper division units.

If you discover you will not be graduating in your planned quarter, notify your Academic Advisor immediately. File a new application for graduation form for the new quarter of graduation by the appropriate

Should you fail to meet the graduation requirements by the end of the quarter in which you intend to graduate, you must re-file a new application for graduation for your new quarter of graduation.

  • Apply for Graduation

    Students should apply to graduate for the quarter that they are completing all of their degree requirements OR if they have completed their degree requirements in a previous quarter.

    Please see the graduation application deadlines here:

    Graduation is a two-step process which you begin through R’Web. You must submit both a Banner and a CHASS graduation application. Click this link to see a tutorial on “How to Apply for Graduation”:

    Graduation Process

    You can also use the Graduation Requirement Self Check to make sure you do not miss any steps.

    • If you have any transfer coursework that is not already reflected on your record, you must turn in your transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible. The deadlines for all off-campus coursework to be showing on your degree audit can be found here:
    • It is highly recommended that you keep a receipt of your transcript request sent to the Community College/University. We cannot guarantee that your degree will be conferred for this quarter if your transfer work is not received by the posted deadlines.

    *If all off-campus coursework is not reflected on your degree audit by the appropriate deadline, you must apply to graduate for the following quarter.

    • If you need confirmation that you have applied for graduation, you can submit a request for an In-Progress Degree Certification Letter to the CHASS Student Affairs Office. The request can be found here:
      Letter Request: Certification of Degree Conferral In-Progress (*You must be logged on to your UCR student google account to have access to the request form.) 
    • Approximately 4-5 weeks after grades post, your degree conferral should be complete. Your degree conferral can be confirmed on your student profile and your unofficial/official transcripts. Once it is reflected on your official transcript that you have graduated, you can no longer submit the Request for an In-Progress Degree Certification to CHASS. Information on ordering a transcript can be found here:

    Please understand that submitting the graduation applications prompts a thorough review of your entire academic record, and any issues with your record will be communicated to you in the next few weeks. It is each student’s responsibility to confirm that their degree requirements and records are accurate and complete.

    A few additional important pieces of information:

    • If you notice a course you need is not being offered, please see your advisor to review your options.
    • Any “GD” (grade delay) or “I” (incomplete) grades can prevent you from graduating.
    • If you have a double major, make sure to meet with both advisors.
    • Minors must be declared at least 2 quarters prior to your graduation quarter.
    • If your plans change and you no longer intend to graduate after applying, please notify your advisor as soon as possible.
  • Eligibility to "Walk" in Commencement Ceremonies

    To participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony, you must have a graduation application for Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer (current academic year only). Summer graduates that wish to participate in Spring Commencement must apply for graduation by the early application deadline. Please refer to the home page for deadlines.

    Contact your major department to confirm your term of graduation is correct in the student information system.

    Apply for graduation by the deadline for the quarter in which you plan to actually complete all degree requirements. Graduation does not occur until all requirements have been completed.

  • Inactive Students
    • If you are INACTIVE, returning to UCR for graduation, and DO NOT need to take any additional coursework on campus:
    • If your major/minor and catalog year information is correct, you can just apply for graduation without a Readmission application. Follow up with your Academic Advisor if you have questions.


    • If your major/minor and catalog year information is incorrect, you must submit a Readmission Application for Graduation purposes only. This application goes to the CHASS Student Affairs Graduation Coordinator for processing. There is no fee for this application if you are not returning to take courses.
    • If you are INACTIVE and are readmitting to finish your degree requirements on campus, please follow the regular Readmission Application process.
  • Standard for the Award of Honors at Graduation

    Passed by the Academic Senate (June 1977), these categories were based on the Spring 2019 graduating class--the highest 2% receiving Highest Honors, the next 4% receiving High Honors, and the next 10% receiving Honors.

    The grade point averages which mark the cutoff points for each honors category for the June graduating class shall be used as minimum criteria for the award of the same categories of honors to students in the Summer, Fall, and Winter graduating classes that follow.

    Please remember that recognition of honors at the Commencement Exercises for spring and summer graduation candidates is based on unverified data. The official determination (for transcript and diploma purposes) will be based upon the calculated grade point averages of the actual spring graduates.

    Honors at graduation for students graduating from Spring 2022 through Winter 2023 will be based on the following grade point average cutoffs. Only those students who have passed 60 or more UC units with letter grades and meet the cumulative GPA cut-offs will be considered.

    HIGH HONORS: 3.90
    HONORS: 3.76

  • Receipt of Diploma…

    There is a three-month processing period before your diploma is issued. To assure prompt delivery, make sure the Office of the Registrar has an accurate address on file. If you need graduation verification, you may request to have a copy of your transcript sent as soon as your degree has been posted by the Office of the Registrar. For further inquiries please go to