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What is Transition Advising?

Transition Advising is specialized for students seeking to transition from CHASS to majors in CNAS or BCOE.  The change of major criteria for CNAS and BCOE is quite rigorous – the Transition Advisor is a liaison between the colleges and is here to assist you in staying on track and remaining eligible for the major change.

Although any student in CHASS can seek a major change to CNAS or BCOE, declared majors are strongly encouraged to change to Undeclared while pursuing the change of major coursework.

Transition Policy

  • CHASS students seeking a major change to CNAS or BCOE must meet the specific change of major criteria by the time they have earned 90 units (typically the end of the second year of enrollment). No extensions or exceptions. *Transfer students are not eligible to pursue majors outside of CHASS*
  • MATH – All majors in CNAS and BCOE are calculus-based
    • Must make sufficient progress in math – at a minimum, students must complete through MATH 5A or 6A (depending on placement or prior credit) by the end of Spring of their first year.
    • If no prior calculus-based math credit (i.e. transfer credit or AP), the student must take MAE no later than winter quarter of their first year to determine math placement
    • MATH 3 placement – Only offered to first-year students on a limited basis, and is offered in Fall and Winter (not offered in Spring)
      • Students placing into MATH 3 must successfully complete it no later than winter quarter of their first year
    • MATH 4 or MATH 22 placement – must be adjusted to get on the appropriate calculus track.  See the Transition Advisor or your assigned academic advisor for details.
  • No repeats of change of major courses. Students must earn a C- or above in all required coursework on the first attempt.  If a D or F grade is earned in any change of major requirement, the student will no longer be eligible to pursue a major outside of CHASS.
  • Strongly recommended to attend a Transition Workshop in their first year of enrollment.  Workshops will be offered in Fall and Winter, and a registration link will be on the CHASS Student Affairs site.

Transition Advisor

Students interested in transitioning from CHASS to BCOE should contact the Transition Advisor early in their first year to get on the transition student interest list and seek regular advising until the change of major criteria is met.  Once you are on the list, you will receive regular (quarterly) communication from the Transition Advisor regarding your progress and will be provided with specific course recommendations to help keep you on track toward your desired major.

Carol May –
For appointment and drop-in availability -

Transition Resources

Here are some important resources as you explore your options for majors in or outside of CHASS: