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Honor List


Dean's Honor List

Students who in any quarter complete a minimum of 12 units for letter grades, with no grade below a "B" and no grade of "W", "NC" or "I," and who average 3.5 GPA or better for that quarter, will be placed on the Dean's Honor List. This will be noted on your official UCR transcript.

If you are on the Dean's Honor List for all three quarters in an academic year, you will be placed on the Chancellor's Honors List.

Minimum Progress

Grades provide a qualitative measure of scholarship while the cumulative unit load provides a quantitative measure of scholarship. Undergraduates in the College are subject to the following standards of minimum progress. If a student does not pass at least 24 units during any three consecutive quarters, registration may be blocked and the student will have to return to full-time status for the following quarter. Work completed in summer sessions on other campuses of the University and at other institutions is not counted toward satisfaction of minimum progress standards on this campus. Students who are on financial aid, whether state or federal, will have to average at least 36 units over the academic year (including the Summer Session) in order to remain fully eligible for continued aid and should check with the Office of Financial Aid in case of doubts. This is especially important for students receiving VA support.