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Readmission to CHASS


Students who withdrew from the University in good academic standing are eligible to apply for readmission by submitting a readmission application and meeting with the Departmental Academic Advisor for their major. Please see the information below on Readmission Processing & Deadlines.

Students who were dismissed from the University and are seeking readmission into a CHASS major should schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the Student Academic Affairs Office. In many cases, students will be asked to complete UCR courses through Concurrent Enrollment at UCR Extension Center or through UCR Summer Sessions in order to repair their GPA. Academic Advisors will provide additional details on readmission requirements specific to the student’s situation. Students will also have to meet with the Departmental Academic Advisor for approval to readmit into their major.  After they have met all of the requirements, they can apply for readmission through the process below.

Students seeking readmission into other colleges (CNAS, COE, SOBA) should contact the appropriate college for information on readmission.

Readmission Processing & Deadlines

When you are ready to apply for readmission, fill out the Undergraduate Application for Readmission. Submit it via email to The application must be received by the deadline, by 4 PM, for the term into which you seek readmission. If your application is missing any required information (e.g., SID, requested major, email address, etc.), it will not be reviewed until that information is provided. Additionally, no review will occur until you submit electronic copies of transcripts for courses taken since last attending UCR.

Once your readmission application is reviewed, you will receive an email to the address you listed on your application. If it is approved, the Registrar will re-activate you as a UCR student, assign your enrollment period, and assign the $70.00 readmission fee to your account. Then, have official transcripts for any work taken since you left the University sent to Undergraduate Admissions.

Admission Term Deadline
Fall Quarter First Day of Summer Instruction
Winter Quarter First Day of Fall Instruction
Spring Quarter First Day of Winter Instruction

Please do not wait until the last day to file your readmission application.  It is to your advantage to submit your application as soon as you have completed the readmission criteria and have all of the appropriate documents.  Students who submit their applications in advance of the deadline will receive a quicker response compared to students who submit their applications on or near the deadline day.