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Guide to Graduation


Guide to Graduation

All students planning to graduate must submit a Graduation Application to officially notify the University of their intent to graduate. Students should apply to graduate for the quarter that they are completing all of their degree requirements OR if they have completed their degree requirements in a previous quarter. Meeting with your Academic Advisor is not required before submitting your graduation application.

Please note that you are responsible for knowing all graduation requirements and for completing them by the appropriate deadlines. It is your responsibility to continually monitor your progress with regular degree audits, check-in with your Academic Advisor, and as you near graduation, to make sure you apply by the appropriate deadline. Please submit your graduation application by the posted deadlines or you will be asked to apply for the next available term.

Please understand that submitting the graduation applications prompts a thorough review of your entire academic record, and any issues with your record will be communicated to you within a few weeks of applying. It is each student’s responsibility to confirm that their degree requirements and records are accurate and complete.

*Failure to pass/complete degree requirements can impact your graduation term. Please notify your Academic Advisor if you did not pass/complete degree requirements.


Click here for a Graduation Requirement Checklist


  • Apply for Graduation

    All students planning to graduate must submit a Graduation Application to officially notify the University of their intent to graduate. Students should apply to graduate for the quarter that they are completing all of their degree requirements OR if they have completed their degree requirements in a previous quarter (contact your academic advisor if you are graduating in absentia).

    Applying for graduation is a two-step process that you begin through R’Web. You must submit a 1) Banner and a 2) CHASS graduation application. Please be as detailed as possible in your CHASS graduation application. Leaving any information out of your application (ex. enrollment or transfer work pending) can lead to a delay in the processing of your application OR having your application denied.

    Graduation Process



    • Transfer Work in Graduation Term: If you have any transfer coursework that is not already reflected on your record, you must turn in your transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible. The deadlines for all off-campus coursework to be shown on your degree audit can be found here:
      • Please note that if your transfer work is not received and posted to your record by the noted deadlines, your graduation application can be denied or deferred to the following term. Make sure that your advisor is aware of any pending transfer work.
    • It is your responsibility to make sure that you are NOT enrolling in a course that you already have credit for. This is considered a duplication of credit and regardless of the course being taken at UCR or off campus, you will not receive credit for both takings. You should check your transcript to ensure that you are not enrolling in a duplicate course.
    • If you notice a course you need is not being offered, please see your advisor to review your options.
    • All coursework, whether taken at UCR or elsewhere, must be completed by the last day of UCR's finals week during the quarter of graduation (no GDs or Incomplete grades).
    • If you are repeating any course in which you received a D+ or lower grade, your units toward graduation will need to be recalculated. Make sure that you will be meeting the 180-unit requirement.
    • Any “GD” (grade delay) or “I” (incomplete) grades can prevent you from graduating.
    • If you have a double major, make sure to meet with both advisors.
    • Minors must be declared at least 2 quarters prior to your graduation quarter. Check in with your minor advisor to make sure all requirements are complete.
    • If coursework is taken at another institution(s) (including work taken at UCR Extension), note the institution, course(s), and term(s) on your application for graduation
    • Check on senior residency requirements
    • You cannot have more than 105 lower division transfer units (this does not include UC work, AP or IB credit).
    • If your plans change and you no longer intend to graduate after applying or you no longer meet the graduation requirements, please notify your advisor as soon as possible.
  • Deadlines to Apply for Graduation

    Please see all graduation application deadlines here:

    If you miss a deadline to apply, you will need to apply for the following term. Please contact your Academic Advisor if you have any issues submitting your application.

  • Inactive Students/Graduation in Absentia

    Information for INACTIVE students returning to UCR for graduation ONLY (no additional UCR enrollment required):

    • If your major/minor and catalog year information is correct, you can apply for graduation without a Readmission application. See “Applying for Graduation” for instructions and follow up with your Academic Advisor to ensure that your record is corrects and that all degree requirements are complete.
    • If your record is not accurate (ex. major/minor or catalog year information is incorrect or missing) you must submit a Readmission Application for graduation purposes only. NO additional enrollment at UCR will be permitted through this process. This application should be emailed to the CHASS Student Affairs Graduation Coordinator ( for processing. There is no fee for this application.
    • If you are INACTIVE and are readmitting to finish your degree requirements on campus (need to enroll at UCR), please follow the regular Readmission Application process.
  • Letter of Degree Certification

    If you have completed all degree requirements but your degree has not yet been posted you may request a Letter of Degree Certification. A letter of degree certification states that the degree conferral is in-progress and pending final approval from the Registrar’s Office. A letter will not be written unless your application has been approved by your academic advisor. A letter of certification that your degree conferral is in progress will not be issued if the degree has already been posted to the official UC Riverside transcript. If your degree has already been conferred, you may order a transcript from the Registrar’s Office.

    Click HERE to submit your request for a letter of degree certification.
    (*You must be logged on to your UCR student google account to have access to the request form.)

    Your degree conferral should be completed approximately 4-5 weeks after the end of the quarter. Your degree conferral can be confirmed on your student profile and your unofficial/official transcripts.