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Pre-Health Advising


Considering a career in Healthcare, but want to keep your major in CHASS?

We have the resources to help –
Formerly known as the Life Sciences Core Program, CHASS, in partnership with the Health Professions Advising Center, has laid a path for you to fulfill the prerequisites for professional school (medical, dental, PA, etc.) while studying a CHASS major.
CHASS Pre-Health Pathway Checklist:

1.    Attend an Intro to Health Professions or Non-Science Majors Pre-Health Courses workshop. The HPAC Calendar can be found on their website.

2.    Meet with an HPAC Advisor to determine which health career you want to pursue.

3.    Determine the prerequisites needed for your specific professional program. You can download the prerequisites on the HPAC website. *This is a general list – it is always best to look at the pre-requisites for the specific school(s) to which you want to apply*

4.    Meet with your CHASS Academic Advisor to determine how many of those prerequisites you can fit into your program using elective and breadth units.

5.    If you aren’t able to fit all of the prerequisites into your degree program, meet with an HPAC Advisor to determine alternate ways to complete them (i.e. community college or post-bacc program).

6.    Schedule quarterly meetings with your CHASS Academic Advisor to make sure you are staying on track to complete your degree program and profession school prerequisites.