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Careers in Business Administration


What Can I Do With A Degree In Business Administration?

Effective managers are needed at all levels of business, industry, and government - from first-line supervisors to top executives - to plan and direct the work of the organization, set policy, establish channels of communication, and evaluate the work that is done.

Entry-level opportunities for business graduates are categorized by the following functional areas: accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, management information systems, production, and operations. Individual internships in Business Administration (BUS 198I) provide students with work experience directly related interests. This experience can enhance their academic progress and increase their employability upon graduation.

Entry-level positions for business graduates typically involve training programs. The approach to training varies from highly structured programs to less formalized on-the-job training situations. Formal management trainee programs are most frequently found in finance, trade, and manufacturing companies and in government agencies.

Many graduates pursue an MBA at UCR or continue their studies in areas such as law, public administration, or urban planning at one of the many distinguished graduate or professional schools.

Representative Job Titles and Areas of Specialization Places of Employment
Account Executive
Purchasing Agent
Financial Planning
Administrative Analyst
Assistant Controller
Bank Examiner
Traffic Analyst
Budget Analyst
Claims Representative
Employment Interviewer
Management Trainee
Network Specialist
Insurance Underwriter
Internal Revenue Officer
Job Analyst
Labor Relations Specialist
Management consulting
Financial Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Materials management
Methods Analyst
Personnel analyst
Product/Brand Manager
Account Manager
Project Manager
Contract Administrator
Cost Analyst
Production Planner
Credit Analyst
Public Administration
Public Relations Representative
Systems Analyst
Health Administrator
Information systems
Human Resources Management
Bank Officer
Training Speicalist
Telecommunication Specialist
Accounting firms
Investment firms
Market research firms
Public Relation firms
Research/development firms
Trade associations
Office of Personnel Management
General Accounting Office
Universities, colleges, and other educational institutions
Insurance companies
Aerospace industry
Chambers of Commerce
Professional associations
Publishing companies
Radio/T.V. industry
Public Utility companies
Federal Government
Comptroller of the Currency
Computer Software Firms
Advertising agencies
Magazines, newspapers, periodicals
Manufacturing firms
Engineering firms
Financial services
Regional planning councils
Import-export companies
Management consulting firms
City, county, and state government
Internal Revenue Service

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