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Breadth Requirements


You must meet the college breadth (general education) requirements in order to obtain a degree. The breadth requirements include the following general areas of study: English composition, natural sciences/math, humanities, social sciences, ethnicity, and foreign language.

Breadth requirements for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree differ from the breadth requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree.(B.S.). A complete list of requirements can be reviewed in the UCR General Catalog.

A broad range of courses are available to meet these requirements, and the course offerings change each quarter. Select courses that will assist you in discovering where your interests lie and in exploring possible majors/minors—be selective.

Monitor your progress through the degree check on R'Web.

While fulfilling your breadth requirements, you will develop critical thinking skills, learn to integrate knowledge, explore values, set goals, develop time management skills, and learn to more clearly articulate and communicate your ideas—all of which are prerequisite for success in any career field.