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Selecting Breadth Courses


If you are considering one of the following majors, select your breadth courses from the list of required courses.

Business Administration:  See Pre-Business program.

Liberal Studies

  1. Science and Mathematics (6 courses [at least 24 units]):
    BIOL 002, BIOL 003, GEO 002, one course in physics, one course in chemistry, and one of MATH 004, MATH 005, MATH 008A, or MATH 015
  2. Humanities and Fine Arts (7 courses [at least 28 units]):
    CPLT 017A, DNCE 005, RLST 012/ETST 012, one of ART 001, ART 002, or ART 005, one of MUS 006/ANTH 006 or MUS 014/ETST014/URST 014, one of ENGL 014 or ENGL 020B, and one of CRWT 056, THEA 010, or THEA 070
  3. History and Social Science (8 courses [at least 32 units]):
    ANTH 001, HIST 010, HIST 015, HIST 017A, LING 020, POSC010, SOC 001,
    WMST 001

Public Policy
            POSC 010 or POSC15, ECON 003, PHIL002 or PHIL003, HIST 017B or HIST 020, one course chosen from ECON 005, PSYC 011, SOC 005, STAT 040

The Natural Science/Math area of breadth needs to be met with specific courses as listed under the PSYC major requirements.

  • One course selected from CS, MATH, or STAT (Math 005 or MATH 004 is a pre-requisite for PSYC 11)
  • Biological Science:  BIOL002, or BIOL 003, or BIOL 005A+BIOL 05LA, or BIOL 034
  • Physical Science:  CHEM001A, or CHEM001B, or CHEM 001C, or CHEM 003, PHYS 002A or PHYS 002B or PHYS 002C, or PHYS040A, or PHYS 040B, or PHYS 040C or PHYS 007, or PHYS 008 or PHYS 016 or PHYS 020 or PHYS 021 or GEO 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 008 009 010 or 030 (or any ud. GEO course except for cultural geography courses)
  • Two additional courses were selected from Math, Computer Science, Statistics, Biological Science, and Physical Science (as listed above).

Things to consider when selecting courses to meet breadth requirements:

  • Courses in the major discipline can not be used to meet the breadth
    i.e., If you are a Sociology major, you can not use Sociology courses to meet breadth.  They will meet major requirements.
  • Courses outside of the major discipline but required in the major can be used to meet breadth.
    i.e., PHIL 7 is required for Sociology Law and Society but it is not a Sociology course, so it can be used to meet one of the LIT/PHIL/RLST breadth requirements.
  • Courses required in the minor may be used to fulfill the breadth