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Two-Year Plan


There is considerable flexibility in the order in which the courses are taken.

Check the breadth course list to determine what courses are available each quarter that will meet the CHASS Breadth Requirements

Minimum 45 units completed each year

Year 1
  • ENGL1A
  • Social Science Course: Anthropology/Sociology/Psychology
  • Humanities Course: Literature/Philosophy/Religious Studies
Select courses based on possible major selection
  • ENGL1B
  • Math/Computer Science/Stat Course
  • Political Science/Economics
  • Fine Arts

Major Choice Workshop

  • ENGL1C
  • Physical Science
  • Literature/Philosophy/Religious Studies
  • Additional Social Science

Vocational Testing/Assessment

Foreign Language Placement Test

Year 2
  • Additional Natural/Science Math
  • World History
  • Ethnic Studies (Also fulfills either Additional Social Science or Additional Humanities)
  • Foreign Language
  • Biological Science
  • Lower Division Course Required in Major Choice
  • Additional Humanities or Additional Social Science
  • Foreign Language

Be sure to obtain and maintain good academic standing.

  • Additional Natural Science/Math
  • Lower Division Courses Required in Major
  • Any additional Breadth requirements previously not met
  • Foreign Language

Declare Major

It is strongly recommended that all Undeclared students participate in one of the CHASS F1rst programs during their freshman year to meet breadth. Courses taken in a student’s major discipline (including courses cross-listed with the major discipline) may not be applied toward satisfaction of Breadth except as outlined in the General Catalog. Information on specific degree requirements and courses is available in the department or Student Academic Affairs offices.