Student at the HUB

Program Overview


The Undeclared Program is a two-year program designed to provide students the opportunity to explore courses and possible majors from the 55+ majors offered in the College of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences. All students are expected to declare their major in the quarter in which they obtain 90 units (end of the second year). 

The best way to select a major is based on one's interests and abilities. Without any prior knowledge of many of the areas of study offered at the university, students' active engagement in the decision-making process to determine their major is essential. 

Undeclared Students partner with their academic advisor to select courses each quarter that will help them narrow their focus as well as meet the CHASS breadth requirements (or general education courses) 

With the assistance of their academic advisor, students will clarify goals, explore possible options, and plan appropriate academic programs of study as they prepare to declare their major.

Selection of courses based on possible majors is of particular importance if a student is considering a major that requires the completion of specific courses, courses that are sequenced and/or have specific prerequisites.

All Undeclared students are encouraged to join one of the freshman learning communities offered through CHASS F1RSTThese programs provide a sense of community for the new incoming freshman while meeting breadth requirements. 

Completion of breadth requirements, participation in learning communities, and major choice workshops are some of the key components of the Undeclared Program that work together to challenge a student to select an appropriate major that complements their interests, abilities, and career goals.