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Road Map


Goals for Undeclared Students

Enroll in 15-18 units each quarter; complete 45 units each year. Be prepared to declare your major at 90 units. Monitor progress online through the GROWL degree check.

First Year

  • Actively engage in determining the area(s) of study you enjoy
    • Participate in CHASS F1RST Programs
    • Learn what majors are offered
    • Understand the criteria to declare—some majors are selective
    • Select Breadth courses that sound interesting
    • Read the Catalog course descriptions
    • Discuss your interest with your Academic Advisor
    • Talk to Junior/Seniors in the Major
    • Attend a Career Exploration Workshop
  • Get to know your instructors—attend office hours; ask them about their research.
  • Maintain good academic standing (minimum cumulative and quarterly GPA - 2.0)
  • Invest in workshops designed to enhance your study skills
  • Begin to become familiar with the campus resources
  • Engage in campus activities and student groups
  • Explore off-campus educational experiences
  • Consider becoming a part of the Honors Program

Year Two

  • Prepare for a major declaration
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss the transition into a declared major
  • Meet the criteria to declare
  • Enroll in lower division courses in the major
  • Complete Breadth Requirements
  • Take Foreign Language Placement Exam
  • Begin Foreign Language breadth requirement
  • Career/Vocational Testing
  • Attend internship orientation
  • Get involved in student organizations
  • Explore off-campus educational opportunities (UCDC, EAP, UCCS)